5 Reasons You Should Not Buy A Peloton Spin Bike


Many people choose to buy a Peloton spin bike. However, these people have never encountered the Life Fitness IC7 model. If they had, there would be no way that they would have bought the Peloton model instead. Here are five reasons why you should choose the Life Fitness IC7 spin bike over a Peloton design.

Five Unbeatable Features Of The Life Fitness IC7 Spin Bike

There are many exceptional features on the Life Fitness IC7 spin bike. Here are our five favorites that make sure there is no photo finish between this and any Peloton model currently on the market.

Myride – the Myride experience provided straight to the console of these bikes is second to none. It enhances the experience of using a spin bike by letting riders enjoy breathtaking footage of cycling routes around the globe. Users can also track their performance through the Myride feature and get feedback and instructions from a results-orientated virtual coach. The Myride experience has multiple settings to adapt to different users.

Comfort – any rider of the Life Fitness IC7 spin bike will ride in comfort. This is because it is equipped with a unisex seat which has been innovatively manufactured to provide additional comfort in areas where we need it most.

WattRate – these products include the unique and unrivaled WattRate technology to accurately calculate your speed. This technology cannot be beaten by any competitor – never mind just Peloton indoor bikes.

It’s green – no, we don’t mean the color! This spin bike is completely self-sufficient and recharges itself through the user. Riding this bike adds charge to it and it has no batteries whatsoever. It’s great for the planet as well as your waistline!

Tailored fitting – this bike can be tailored to your build exactly. Not only does it adjust in height, but it will adjust vertically as well. The design makes use of strong and light aluminum to let you adjust it efficiently as well.

And that is just five reasons why you can easily find better options than a Peloton spin bike. There are plenty of other Life Fitness creations that are also head, shoulder and front wheel ahead! Go see them for yourself.