Best Olympic Weight Lifting Bars in Marin County


Olympic lifting is a sport that’s been growing rapidly in recognition throughout the past few years. Due to this lots of fitness fans within Marin County require high quality Olympic bars for their gyms. If you are keen on Olympic lifting and you also live in Marin County, you will want to go to 360 Fitness Superstore. One of our locations is in San Rafael, the heart of Marin County. 360 Fitness Super Store carries the finest quality Olympic lifting bars you could get in Marin County or perhaps even San Francisco. We provides you with the best Olympic bars within Marin County and that we can provide that at a competitive cost. We could beat your competition in cost and quality every time and that’s a promise from us for you personally.

Olympic bars within Marin County – What exactly are they?

An Olympic bar, also called a power bar, can be a barbell that’s 2.2 meters long and weighs in at in at 20 kg. They need to have appropriate “whip” sleeves which rotate easily, additionally to the ability to withstand multiple dropped lifts from overhead. The majority of the “Olympic” bars which you may see in a Marin County gym don’t meet worldwide lifting weights standards and so are really just glorified barbells. At 360 Fitness within Marin County we stock authentic professional power bars you could use competing and could help enable you to get ready for competition if you are a Olympic lifter or possibly a power lifter.

Want the most effective Olympic Bars? Call 360 Fitness in Marin County Now!

Call 360 Fitness within Marin County today for that finest Olympic bars inside Marin. You may even arrived at our local showroom within Marin County and you will be welcomed having a friendly part of our staff who will highlight around and answer questions you may have about Olympic bars. We’ll         then support you in finding the one that meets your requirements along with your budget so when you’re prepared to order we’ll possess the power bar shipped for your Marin County home or gym. Thanks!