Bumper Plates in Napa


What bumper plate is right for you?

If you train frequently or planning on buying bumper plates that will last, make sure you get the right bumper plates. Purchasing low quality products can result in flooring damage from bumper plates being dropped, injury from the bumper plates bouncing too high or just a pain in the butt from your bumper plates cracking or getting stuck on the barbell. 

~Who uses what type of bumper plates?

Competition style bumper plates usually have a steel core with rubber encasing it to protect the plate from drops. Training bumper plates are generally all rubber, which makes a thicker plate to keep it from deforming when being dropped during practice. However the downside to training bumper plates is that they wear out faster due to their lack of a reinforced core.

~What bumper plates we recommend based on training level.

For newer lifters we recommend “Training Bumper Plates and Economy Bumper Plates” because they are a good value before investing a lot of money into Competition Bumper plates. For the professional and experienced athlete we recommend Pendlay or Ivanko Bumper Plates due to their outstanding durability and quality.

Why are some bumper plates different color?

You may have seen colored bumper plates and wondered, “Why are those bumper plates different colors?” The answer is weight and efficiency. If you are a cross trainer you know that time is everything. Having colored bumper plates makes it extremely easy to quickly find the exact weight you are looking without sacrificing precious seconds during your WOD. If you want to be a professional you need to have the proper equipment to get you there.

Standard weight for the following colored bumper plates:

25kg/55lbs = Red

20kg/44lbs = Blue

15kg/33lbs = Yellow

10kg/22lbs = Green

When purchasing bumper plates make sure they fit snug, but not tight/loose or else your bumper plates might get stuck or crack when used.

Not all bumper plates and bars are made equal! No one should get stuck with inadequate, compromised equipment. Some cheaper plates or bars are manufactured poorly which results in less durability, bending and plates getting stuck to bars due to poor machining. At 360 Fitness Superstore we guarantee our products will work because we hand select every product and test it to make sure only quality products are in our inventory.

Where can I buy bumper plates?

Don’t worry Napa, 360 Fitness carries all types of bumper plates and can special order upon request. Whether you’re looking for a entry level training bumper plates or Ivanko Competition Bumper Plates, we’ve got you covered. For the Napa crowd, the 360 Fitness located in San Rafael is the closer store, however if you are in the East Bay the 360 in Walnut Creek is also conveniently located close to the highway.