Exercises You Can Do With A Wall Ball


If burpees are your least favorite exercise, we’re about to change that. A medicine ball, sometimes referred to as a wall ball due to one of their key uses, offers a lot of possible exercises. From this one piece of fitness equipment, you can work lots of muscle groups – and one particular exercise may just top your list as your new least favorite.

Wall Ball Workout

Right now, the name Wall Balls may not mean anything to you, but once you’ve tried them the same name could send a cold shudder down your spine. This exercise requires you to hold the ball to your chest with your shoulders pulled back and your feet shoulder-width apart. Then you must perform a standard squat, but at the top of the squat you must throw the ball into the wall around 9 feet up and catch it on the rebound. This is one rep of a full-body exercise and you can repeat as your routine requires.

Rolling Push Up

The Rolling Push Up targets multiple upper-body muscles just like your regular push-ups. However, there is one difference. One arm rests on the ball during a repetition instead of on the floor, which increases the range of motion on the same side. Between reps, the ball is switched from each hand to balance out the workout.

Ball Crunches

These balls offer multiple ways of activating your core strength. One of the most effective exercises is Ball Crunches. To complete this exercise, you must lie on your back with your legs straight in the air to create a right angle. Hold the ball in your hands while stretching them above your head. Slowly crunch up and place the ball between your ankles then return to your resting position without the ball. On the second rep you will retrieve the ball and so on.

That was just three exercises possible with a wall ball, but they can be utilized for many more simple and innovative exercises.