How Can I Lose Fat Quickly And What Machine Should I Buy?


You’ve made the first step to losing fat by deciding to buy some quality gym equipment. Now you’re faced with endless exercise options that have left you confused to what’s actually going to help you lose fat quickly and effectively. Cardiovascular machines are by far the best way to lose fat rapidly and here are our top picks that you should be considering for your home gym.


Jogging is a fantastic way to lose inches around the waist. In fact, running is one of the quickest ways to burn calories. Jump on the treadmill before breakfast and do some fasted cardio for even quicker results. Although a little more expensive, you can now get treadmills specifically designed for people with joint trouble!


If jogging isn’t for you then you may wish to consider an elliptical. Ellipticals can offer a full-body workout and different ranges of motion which don’t cause impact to your joints. If you’re worried that your weight is making running unsafe then this a fantastic alternative to the treadmill.

Exercise Bikes

Indoor cycles are a space-efficient addition to your home gym and are exceptional at making those old jeans fit again. They’re another safer option compared to the treadmill for those with joint pain and come in many models that can adapt to your height.

Rowing Machines

The final cardiovascular machine that is impeccable at reducing body fat is the rowing machine – just look at the physique of any rower! People often think that rowing predominantly uses the arms but the primary body part that rowing targets is in fact your legs. This doesn’t stop it being a full-body workout that’ll leave you slimmer.

Buy Quality Cardiovascular Machines

We stock all of these exceptional machines to help you create the perfect home workout space and to help you lose fat quickly. Check out our cardiovascular equipment and always choose the machine that you feel most comfortable with!