How to Setup a Garage Gym


While you are most likely paying for a monthly gym membership or crossfit box, there are so many positive things that are being missed out on if you are not training from your own home or garage. Additionally, money will be saved in the long run when you buy any of our garage gym packages. Not only will you save money, but you will receive quality fitness equipment that is sure to last you. Also, our garage gym packages include the essentials so you can get what you need and what you will use. You can swap/change any of our gym packages if you want to make it your own, just give us a call or email.

Choosing the Right Package for Your Training Style / Goals

Starting where to start with your garage gym may be a tough task, however we have created several packages that will be the best starter pack to build on as you grow. Based on your style of workouts and goals we have gathered some starting points to study:

Strength/ Olympic Lifts: If you’re looking for strength. Weightlifting is going to be your priority. There are various barbells and types of bumper plates. For general CrossFit and Olympic style lifting, a good all-style barbell will get the job done. We recommend getting a high quality set of bumpers that can take a beating and last for a very long time to pair with the bar.

Here are some essential key features you look for in a squat rack: rock solid, mobile, and a small footprint. Most importantly, measure your ceiling height to ensure that you are getting a squat rack with a pull up bar that provide more uses and benefits.

Suggested garage gym packages: Basic Garage Gym PackageBar + Bumper PackagesBar + Contrast Bumper Packages, and Bar + Color Bumper Packages.

Gymnastics / Bodyweight Movement: We have three pieces of equipment that can develop total body strength, stability and endurance.

Gymnastic Rings are crucial to develop pushing power for push-ups, etc (ring dips), pulling power (ring rows) and total body awareness and function (muscle-ups etc). If you do not have a pull-up bar, rings are great for building pulling and core strength that will make pull-ups easy to do.

The ab trainer have two main benefits, however they are essential for a balanced workout. First of all, if you suffer from lower back pain, having a weak core can possibly be the culprit. AB trainers build support for the lumbar during sit ups, forcing athletes to use abdominals instead of hip flexors     to bring themselves through a full range of motion without relying on the back to do the lifting. Second, the ab trainer can and should be used as a pad to descend upon when doing handstand pushups – without it, your scalp and neck will suffer.

Suggested garage gym packages: Bodyweight WOD Pack

Conditioning: Strength and gymnastics equipment can both be used for general conditioning, in workouts like Fran for example this is obvious. However there are huge benefits that come from implementing these final three pieces of equipment.

The Kettlebell is potentially the best full body strength and conditioning tool out there. You can so single or both arm swings and snatches, turkish get-ups, tons of different stabilization drills, as well as countless types of odd object workouts (burden runs, farmers carries etc). Having 2 or 3 kettlebells that range between 16-32KGs is ideal for just about everybody however if you’re only looking to get one male beginners will most likely get the most out of a 24KG bell while females should start with a 16KG.

Speed Ropes are small, portable, and great for developing conditioning and coordination. Starting with single unders and progressing to doubles and then triples should keep you busy for at least a few months if not years.

The Plyo Box has a number of uses and is particularly good for jumps, weighted step-ups, and elevated pushups. Multi Sided Plyo’s are by far the best option for a garage gym setup and usually come 30in x 24in x 20in in dimension, which allows for easy scaling and use by athletes of all size