Introducing California Fitness!


California Dreamin’ – from the comfort of your own home

360 Fitness Superstore is proud to announce that we will be adding California Fitness treadmills to our inventory and available for demo at our showroom locations. California Fitness is a new fitness equipment company that builds a high quality treadmill that we are sure our customers will be happy with. We really like the suspension and the high quality A/C motor in these treadmills. We believe that California Fitness will be a nice addition to our mission to help people live healthier lives.

As a fitness equipment company, we believe the Californian approach to staying healthy is so strong that we’ve named ourselves California Fitness – and we make high quality treadmills that represent that lifestyle. We understand your commitment to fitness and looking after your health; that’s why we are bringing over 30 years of experience in the fitness equipment industry to each treadmill that we produce and have personally designed the features that make our treadmills such a sound investment.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Malibu range of treadmills, with six different models to choose from. Our flagship treadmills, the Malibu M12 and the Malibu M12T, have been precision-designed to offer a superior feel of luxury, with sturdy support and delivering a smooth running or walking experience. With a large 8 HP 3-Phase A/C Motor ensuring that they are the most durable/reliable treadmill on the market, the Malibu M12 and Malibu M12T’s enhanced AirTouch Suspension gives the effect of walking on air.

Some runners, joggers and walkers like to make sure that their treadmill works as hard as they do which makes the Malibu 8 the perfect choice for them. The workhorse of the Malibu treadmill line, the M8 has been developed to meet the demands of the most hard-working running or walking enthusiast so that they can constantly meet and redefine their in-home personal bests.

The Malibu 520 has been developed to give runners and walkers the feeling of using a club or gym treadmill, but in the comfort of their own home and at a fraction of the price. For many, finding the right time or right weather to head out for a run can come between them and their fitness goals. With the Malibu 520, everyone can enjoy a slice of the California outdoor lifestyle whenever they want it.

City living and downsizing can change what runners, joggers and walkers need in a treadmill. Our foldable range means that you can enjoy all the benefits that come with owning a Malibu-standard treadmill, without having to worry about space. For dedicated runners, the Malibu 6.0 Treadmill has been developed to deliver exceptional durability for running, while the Malibu 2421 Treadmill, or the Space-Saver 2421, is the smallest folding Malibu treadmill and perfect for walking.

California Fitness are not simply another fitness equipment brand. They are committed to the benefits of exercise which produce long lasting physical and mental health. That’s why California Fitness is delighted to launch the Malibu Treadmill Series.

Spencer Foley, Head of Product Design , commented “California Fitness has been created to make sure that our customers can chose from a range of treadmills that best suits their need – at a price that works for them too. During the design of our treadmills, we balanced the differing needs of runners and walkers, making sure that we delivered the highest quality but at with best possible value. Supported by over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, California Fitness is driven by helping people live healthier lives. We are committed to providing the best wellness expertise and our personal and company belief means that, for us, health is the most important aspect of life and that commitment to living a healthy life is at the heart of what we stand for.”

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