Mila Seeds – Great for Health Conscious People in the Bay Area


I was recently introduced to an amazing super-food that has been a total game changer for me. A friend of mine at my local gym turned me on to Mila seeds, telling me a little about their health benefits. I’ve been trying to be more open to new things so I told him that Ive give Mila a try.

My Experience with Mila Seeds

I’ve been adding them to my water, drinking about 2 tablespoons of it daily and I’ve noticed a pretty big difference in my energy levels. I feel less lethargic as I’m going about my business during the day and I also find that I have an easier time waking up in the morning. I’ve gone from having to self-will myself up out of bed to feeling like I’m springing into action in the morning. In addition I feel a little bit more positive and just happier in general. I’m not going to go so far as to say it has completely changed my life, but in terms of actually making a noticeable improvement, Mila seeds have done their job.

Add Mila Seeds to Anything!

The best part about them is that they’re virtually odorless and tasteless so you can add them to just about anything easily like your morning cereal, yogurt, pudding, smoothies and many other foods without losing their taste. The other cool thing is that as it hydrates, it seems to bring out more of the flavor in the foods that it’s added to. Awesome stuff!

Packed with Nutrition

Mila is a super-food and might have more nutrition per gram than almost anything else on the market.

Mila Seeds have:

  • 6X more calcium than milk
  • 3X more iron than spinach
  • 2X more fiber than bran flakes
  • 15X more magnesium than broccoli
  • 5X more protein than kidney beans
  • 4X more selenium than flax seed
  • 9X more phosphorous than milk
  • 2X more potassium than bananas
  • 8X more Omega-3’s than wild salmon

From what I’m reading, It could be the healthiest thing in your kitchen.

A Great Workout Supplement

I like to drink my Mila seeds when I’m working out on the exercise bike that bought at 360 Fitness Superstore in San Rafael. Mila really adds something to my workout hydration and boosts my energy levels so I can push myself that much closer to the limit and achieve more results in each workout. The cool thing is that it’s all natural energy so there’s no crash after you workout like with some other nutritional products.

So if you’re a health conscious person living in the San Francisco Bay Area or beyond, Mila seeds might be the nutritional supplement that you’ve been waiting for. Check them out today. A great supplier is Lifemax. Their website is here. If you want more information on Mila you can find it there. Thanks!