Quality Olympic Bars in the East Bay


Olympic lifting is a sport that’s been growing quickly in recognition during the last couple of years. Because of this a lot of fitness enthusiasts in the East Bay are seeking top quality Olympic bars for their gyms. If you’re a fan of Olympic lifting and also reside in the East Bay, then you need to come to 360 Fitness Superstore. Actually one of our San Francisco Bay Area locations is in the East Bay in Walnut Creek. 360 Fitness Super Store carries the greatest quality Olympic lifting bars that you could get in the East Bay or even the San Francisco Bay Area. We supply you with the best Olympic bars in the East Bay and we can do this with fair prices as well. We are able to beat the competition in quality and cost each time and that’s a promise from us for you.

Olympic bars in the East Bay – What exactly are they?

An Olympic bar, also known as a power bar, is really a barbell that’s 2.2 meters in length and weighs in at 20 kg. They have to have appropriate “whip” sleeves which rotate easily, in addition to the ability to withstand multiple dropped lifts from overhead. Most of the “Olympic” bars that you might see inside an East Bay gym don’t meet international weight lifting standards and therefore are really just glorified barbells. At 360 Fitness in the East Bay we feature authentic professional power bars you can use competing and these may help get you prepared for competition if you are an Olympic lifter or perhaps a power lifter.

Want the very best Olympic Bars? Call 360 Fitness in East Bay Now!

Call 360 Fitness in the East Bay today for the greatest Olympic bars within the San Francisco Bay Area. You may also come to our local showroom in the East Bay and you’ll be welcomed by a friendly person in our staff who will show you around and answer any queries you might have about Olympic bars. We’ll then assist you in finding one which meets your needs as well as your budget and when you’re ready to order we will have the power bar delivered to your Easy Bay home or gym. Thanks!