Should I Buy A Whole Dumbbell Set Or A Pair Of Adjustable Dumbbells?


Free weights are the best way to increase muscle size and strength. Unlike other equipment, they don’t guide you on a pre-determined movement pathway which therefore engages more muscles to stabilize the primary muscle group being worked. Not many people realise, but free weights are also a key component of any effective weight loss program too. But, should you add a dumbbell set or a pair of adjustable dumbbells to your at-home gym? Read on to find out!

Dumbbell Sets

Our muscles are not equal – some muscles are stronger than others. This means that when we work out, we need a variation of weights to cater for a number of exercises targeting different muscles. For example, you wouldn’t use the same weight to do a chest press and a bicep curl – your chest is going to be a lot stronger. Getting a dumbbell set means you’ll have a choice of weights to workout different muscles effectively. By always having access to the correct weight you won’t choose lighter weights and compromise on progressions and you won’t risk your safety by overstretching your capabilities.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Not everyone has the money or space to add a full dumbbell set to their home-gym ranks. Additionally, dumbbell packages require storage and dumbbell racks of significant size can be an additional expense. If these points are sounding familiar, then you may be better off getting an adjustable dumbbell set.

These are a single set of dumbbells that can be adjusted to imitate different weights. You can adjust their weight without needing to hold the dumbbell, which makes them safe and easy to use. They take up far less room and don’t require any specific storage.

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