Should I Buy Local Or Online?


It’s too easy to put our feet up, browse the internet and find seemingly perfect exercise equipment delivered to your front door in a couple of days. Yet, a couple of days later reality can strike and you’re left with poorly made or damaged products that don’t meet your expectations. Shopping online is great but there are a number of reasons why you should buy your exercise equipment in store.

Speak With Professionals And Get Demonstrations

When you shop in store, you get to speak to a professional about the equipment itself. What they tell you can help you pick between two or more models. They can also advise you on equipment by taking your personal circumstances into account. For example, if you have joint pain one treadmill may be better for you than another. An in-store professional can also give you a demonstration, so you go home and operate your exercise equipment safely. You don’t get this level of personal customer service when buying online.

Professional Delivery team

When buying online you often deal with two companies – the manufacturers and the delivery company. When things go missing or tuned up damaged you can be stuck in between a blame game with no resolution in sight and out of pocket. Avoid this and buy from a store with their own professional and knowledgeable delivery team you can trust.

Warranties And Financing Options

Online purchases often come with poor warranties that in-store offers beat hands down. Most exercise equipment shops also offer extended warranties and financing options. At our store, we have special financing options to help you get results today and pay tomorrow – or in a few months!

Buy Safely From Us!

We pride ourselves on offering a quality service that replicates all the benefits mentioned above. Browse our range of quality exercise equipment and come and visit us before handing over your money blind!