The Best Fitness Machines for Bay Area Runners


There are lots of reasons to exercise indoors if you are a Bay Area runner. Running in a downpour or under sweltering summer heat can be less than ideal. Jogging at night down dark streets can be scary and dangerous. In the winter you may spend more time getting dressed than you would actually running. Perhaps you are just getting tired of running the same loop in your Bay Area neighborhood over and over. Instead of running in adverse conditions, run to 360 Fitness Superstore instead. We have a number of different machines that allow you to maintain cardio fitness and increase running power. Each machine has its own strengths and weaknesses. Picking the right exercise machine depends on your particular needs and fitness goals.


Treadmills are the exercise machine that most closely simulate running. The speed and height adjustments allow you to create a variety of custom workouts to train for many different situations. The tracks on treadmills go at a consistent rate and never slow down and this increases turnover or your stride rate even when you feel tired.

Great treadmill workout for runners – Do a 10 minutes warm-up followed by 5-6, 30 second all out runs with one minute rests in between. When running all out bring the track speed up to a little faster than you would go when running a speed race, almost to the point where you can’t stay on, but are still safe.

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Elliptical Machines

For a low impact way to condition your legs and maintain aerobic fitness, elliptical machines are great. Though not as close to running as treadmills you are still working many of the same muscle groups that you do when running and if you are trying to take it easier on your legs but still have some impact then an elliptical is ideal.

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Stair Climbers

Stair climbers are best for exercising the muscles used for running hills. You can get a really great aerobic workout on a stair climber. To get the most out of your stair climber workout, set the resistance to a level where you can let go of the handrails. This will allow you to develop your balance and coordination while working out.

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Indoor Bikes – Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes and indoor bikes are the lowest impact way to maintain aerobic fitness levels indoors. Bikes allow you to work leg muscles without stress on your joints. If you are trying to recover from a running related injury an exercise bike or indoor bike is the best way to go.

Exercise bikes and indoor bikes in the SF Bay Area


If you’re like most runners you think that weightlifting is something that other people do. Many runners think that working out with weights can hurt your running performance. In fact, the strategic use of weights can increase the muscles used during running and develop muscle endurance.

Runners Tips for Weightlifting

  • Use free weights not weight machines – runners get more from these as they force you to balance and they also work muscles across multiple joints.
  • Learn proper lifting technique – work with a personal trainer that specialized in strength training before you get started to make sure that you are lifting correctly.
  • Lift lighter weights – select a weight that allows you to do 30 reps at a time. This will help you develop muscle endurance which is more important to a runner than sheer power.

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If you need any further assistance in finding the right equipment to improve your running performance then come to 360 Fitness Superstore in San Rafael or Walnut Creek. Our friendly staff will patiently answer any questions you may have and help you find the best equipment for all of your fitness goals.