Training Tips For Olympic Lifting


Olympic lifting is an extremely effective method of strength training. But you need to follow certain rules and tips to ensure the you get the most effective workout.

Build a Foundation

A solid base is required for any heavy lifting. Exercisers should start by building a foundation for their fitness and then gradually increasing their weight so they can transition to more intense workouts.

Concentrate on Form Over Reps

Making sure you practice technique first at lower weights is extremely important. If you get into the habit of lifting incorrectly at lower weights you might not feel the effects but at higher weights you may injure yourself and even others around you. Remember, safety first!

Avoid Overtraining

Some exercisers might think their training starts and ends at the gym, this is not the case. When exercising it’s important to understand that you must train yourself to also rest, have proper nutrition while getting an adequate amount of sleep everyday to see your hard earned results as soon as possible.


Every individual learns and advances at his or her own pace. It’s important to be patient and not compare yourself to anyone else’s level of fitness.

Remember Proper Warm Up and Cool Down 

A proper warmup is essential for any workout. Make sure to stretch properly before and after your workout.

To ensure your safety and the safety of others make to warm up your body to prevent injuries while training.