What Are SMART Goals?


Whether you’re just beginning your healthy journey or are a lifelong gym enthusiast there’s one thing all gym-goers should have in common. Setting SMART goals are important to everyone for a host of reasons and they’ll be the driving force behind your workout routines. But, what exactly are SMART goals?

S Stands For Specific

It’s no good just saying you’re going to run a marathon by the end of the year – you need to be able to specifically map the stages of achieving your end goal. To do this, make specific goals that answer questions such as: what? how? when? and where?

M Stands For Measurable

Your goals need to be measurable. Without being able to track your performance you’re not going to know how you’re progressing and won’t be able to make progressions at the right time and speed. Seeing how well you’ve done can also be a great source of motivation. One way of making your goals measurable is to use quality fitness equipment that can track your performance for you.

A Stands For Achievable

You need to find the balance between setting yourself challenges and making those challenges attainable. Push yourself to become better but don’t aim to break records in your first week of working out.

R Stands For Relevant

The goals you set yourself need to be relevant to your aims. If you want to grow muscle, it’s better to set weight-lifting goals rather than a goal to run 3 miles in under 30 minutes. Make your goals specific and concise to get the best results you’ll be happy with!

T Stands For Timely

Always make a timeframe for the different goals along with your progression. This will give you something to work towards and keep you motivated. Remember to give yourself some leeway on each deadline because life can get in the way and nobody’s perfect.

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