What Is The Difference Between A Recumbent Bike And An Upright Bike?


Choosing an exercise bike is a smart decision for people who want to tone up their body and feel great. Using an indoor bike has a lot of health benefits and they are awesome additions to home and commercial gyms. There isn’t just one design of exercise bike. You can buy recumbent bikes and upright bikes and different variations of each. But, what’s the difference between them?

The two designs differ in their seating and body positioning. A recumbent exercise bike will offer you a chair-like seat and your legs work horizontally fighting against gravity as you exercise. On the other hand, an upright exercise bike doesn’t have a backrest to its seat and your legs hang down vertically as you exercise. These small differences can make a huge difference to levels of comfort and who they’re aimed at.

But, Which Is Better?

Both of these bikes may be great inclusions to you exercise routine and neither is better than the other. However, they are designed to attract different types of people. The recumbent exercise bike offers spinal support and is more suitable for anyone suffering with back problems. The seating area also keeps your hands free and is ideal for those who want to combine cycling with other tasks, such as reading, watching TV or even studying.

Upright bikes are better for people attempting to create an at-home gym with limited space. They’re more compact and some can even be folded away for unbeatable convenience. Upright bikes tend to be cheaper as well so if you’re designing a gym on a budget, you should consider these indoor cycles.

Overall, a recumbent bike is better for cycling enthusiasts and an upright bike would be better suited for those just wanting to do a form of cardiovascular exercise.

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