What Is The Difference Between Ellipticals That Have Bearings Versus Wheels?


Ellipticals are quality exercise machines designed to improve your fitness. You can get these cardiovascular machines in many different sizes and designs. Within the myriad of ellipticals for sale, you’ll find some with bearings and some with wheels. You can find quality ellipticals with wheels and with bearings, but in most situations, one of these types is better. Do you know which one? You’re about to find out…

Ellipticals With Wheels

We don’t deny that an elliptical manufactured with wheels can be a quality product, but in most situations, they come in second to ellipticals made with bearings. Ellipticals with wheels were designed first and are a relatively simpler design. The user simply begins the motion with their legs which will then rotate the wheel towards the back of the elliptical.

These ellipticals are not always quiet and older wheels can certainly break the white noise barrier. They also don’t last as long and can be much harder to maintain compared to ellipticals with bearings. An example of an elliptical with wheels is a Precor elliptical. For the reasons mentioned, we don’t stock these models.

Ellipticals With Bearings

Ellipticals with bearings are usually better for home and commercial use. These ellipticals position bearings towards the front of the machine, which are then connected to the foot section. Most people find that bearings offer a smoother feel throughout the full range of motion.

Ellipticals made with bearings also make significantly less noise so you can exercise without disturbing the neighbors or the family Netflix binge. Exceptional examples of these types of ellipticals are the family of Matrix ellipticals. These exercise machines opt for bearings and unrivaled suspension perfect for those with bad knees and ankles.

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