What To Look For In A Good Rowing Machine?


There are four main types of rowing machines you should know about. What separates them is the way in which they provide resistance, and this is the key thing to look out for when choosing a rowing machine. Why? This aspect changes the suitability of the rowing machine due to price, convenience and performance needs. Let’s break them down for you:

  • Air rowing machines – these rowing machines have a fan-like wheel. When the user exerts force by pulling the handles toward them, the fan spins around. Some models leave tiny holes around the fan’s casing to keep the user cool.
  • Water rowing machine – a water rowing machine is the closest thing to taking to the water. Resistance is provided by a tank of water which gives an authentic motion as close as possible to rowing on a river or lake.
  • Magnetic rowing machines – these machines use electromagnetics to control their flywheels. They will not contact the wheel but are positioned close enough to work effectively.
  • The Total Gym Row Trainer – this rowing machine is unique in providing its resistance through a combination of the user’s body weight and an incline.

So, What Type Of Rowing Machine Should I Buy?

Now you know how different rowers provide their resistance, you’re better equipped to understand which one you should buy.

Air rowing machines are suitable for domestic and commercial use because they’re durable and lightweight models you can rely on. A water rowing machine would be perfect for a high-end gym or a performance athlete that requires their training to imitate their sport as closely as possible. These two are not the quietest of models and therefore a magnetic rowing machine is the go-to option for people that prioritize silent operation in their home gym. If your home gym is short of space, then consider a foldable and multifunctional Total Gym rower. These offer low impact and are also perfect for those with joint pain.

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