Where Should I Go When My Treadmill Breaks Down?


When your fitness equipment isn’t functioning like it’s supposed to, you may not know who to turn to. Before you begrudgingly start shopping for a replacement, give a local fitness store the opportunity to take a look at your gym equipment and see what how they may be able to help.

Why A Local Fitness Store May Be Able To Help

Many of the best gym equipment suppliers can offer repairs on different types of exercise equipment. One of the most common inquiries is to repair treadmills. Treadmills are common casualties due to being larger and more complex machines than other pieces of equipment.

If your treadmill has given up early, then contact your local experts to take a look. Many local stores employ technicians to repair their own products that go wrong. This means they are well equipped to repair any products sold by them and are more than likely capable of diagnosing issues and fixing similar models sold by other suppliers.

Another Reason To Shop Locally!

The fact that equipment can break is another reason to shop for your gym equipment at a local fitness store. If you buy equipment in-person at a store you have an easy first point of call if anything goes wrong. Compare this to shopping online where emails may not be responded to, customer service can be slow and frustrating – or, companies can even go missing.

Local suppliers will already be knowledgeable enough to diagnose the problems with the equipment they sell, so you get your treadmill or other equipment in working order again, fast!

Contact The 360 Fitness Superstore For Treadmill Repairs

If you’re located in the San Francisco Bay area and need your gym equipment repairing, do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you. We employ a team of experienced and skilled technicians who will understand the problem and get it fixed in a much more efficient timeframe for you or your business. Our delivery team even has a maximum 24-hour response time!