Why A Rowing Machine Is A Total Body Workout?


A rowing machine is a fantastic way to burn calories and build strength. Yet, many gym-goers look over at the rowing machine section in fear. While they hide behind their treadmill or FID bench, they don’t usually realize the total-body benefits they’re missing out on.

These machines are one of the best total body workout options. You may want to reconsider your routine if you’ve been avoiding the rowing machine in your gym or have an empty rowing-machine-sized space in your home workout space.

The Best Total Body Workout

We’ve pulled out our gym gear and are ready to demonstrate why the rowing machine provides the best total body workout. Let’s talk you through each key muscle group that is activated when using these machines:

Lower body – you might be surprised to know that the primary group of muscles that are worked during rowing are your legs. If your biceps are more tired than your quadriceps, gastrocnemius and hamstrings while rowing, there is a possibility that your technique is a little off.

Arms – this doesn’t mean your arms are taking the day off. Pulling the handle towards your sternum requires force and is a great way to build strength and endurance in your biceps and triceps. The way you hold the handle will determine the exact muscles that are worked.

Back and shoulders – with every pull of the handle you are working your shoulders and your upper back muscles. Your rotator cuff, trapezius and your deltoid will be active throughout your rowing exercise.

Core – while you row, it’s important to engage your core to keep you stable. Having an engaged core also encourages correct form and prevents slouching or potential injury.

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