Why You Should Go With Plate-Loaded Machines For Your Home Gym


There are a couple of turning points when trying to create a functional home-workout space. One of them is the choice between plate-loaded machines and alternative options such as resistant machines. The best direction is to go with plate-loaded machines – and here are the reasons we think that.

The Benefits Of Buying Plate-Loaded Machines

Plate-loaded workout machines are a cost-effective inclusion to your home gym. By choosing these machines, you simultaneously choose to buy weighted plates. While the machine itself will not come in useful to other exercises, these plates will.

You can recycle the uses of your weighted plates and also use them with other fitness equipment in your home gym. They can be used with your curl bar – and your Olympic barbell for squatting and deadlifts. Not to mention that some shoulder, chest and core exercises only require these plates. For example, a plate loaded chest press is a great alternative to buying additional free weights.

The alternatives to a plate-loaded workout machine do not offer the same level of value for money. They do not lend themselves to other exercises alike machines that use weighted plates. Rather they force exercises to use pre-determined loads that are altered via a pin.

This brings us on to another benefit in choosing a plate-loaded machine over the likes of a resistant machine. Adding your own plates means you can determine the exact load you lift and the level of progressions you make. On the other hand, a resistant machine has pre-set increments of weight that cannot be manipulated in the same way for a more personal workout routine.

Choose The Best Local Gym Equipment Provided

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