Best Bumper Plates in Marin County


If you are trying to find the greatest quality bumper plates for that gym in Marin County than 360 Fitness Superstore can help. We provide the most reliable bumper plates within Marin County at the best cost. We promise to provide: value, quality as well as the best customer care to our clients in Marin County.

If you wish to opt for one the big box or chain fitness equipment stores in Marin County, a lot of the bumper plates you’ll find will be of inferior quality. They may look nice and include an inexpensive cost, however, if people put the bumper plates under the wear of serious and rigorous workout at a health club in Marin County, they’re not likely to last.

Whether you employ these bumper plates for standard lifting or weight lifting equipment in the gym in Marin County or are an Olympic weight lifting enthusiast, bumper plates bought at 360 fitness Superstore will be the best choice you could take to your gym in Marin County.

Bumper Plates in Marin County – What exactly are they?

Bumper plates need to be capable of being safely dropped from head height for this reason they’re covered in rubber for safety, this gives them some bounce and flexibility. Bumper plates are coated in rubber so that they can be slammed on the ground relatively safely. This rubber coating is what distinguishes bumper plates from standard strength/hypertrophy plates which are produced from solid iron and so are substantially cheaper. Bumper plates are often only useful for Olympic lifting weights, simply because they hold the additional coating that allows you to drop them safely, however, you can use bumper plates with other workout programs, exercises or items of fitness equipment.

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