Why should I Buy An Elliptical Instead Of A Treadmill?


Using cardiovascular gym equipment has a range of health benefits. However, some pieces of kit are more beneficial to certain groups. If you’re looking at buying a treadmill, maybe you would be better off with an elliptical? Let’s look at the pros of choosing both machines and discuss who should buy which one.

Treadmill Benefits

If you’re a runner or a sprinter then a treadmill is more beneficial to you. Naturally, treadmills mimic the exact form used to run as you would in the outdoors. They are perfect for people who compete in races or are gearing up for fundraising running events.

Elliptical Benefits

Ellipticals may not help you prepare for a specific sport, but they are still capable of helping you burn calories and improve your overall fitness. Yet, an elliptical does something that a treadmill cannot. Using an elliptical means exercisers experience no impacts at their joints. Yes, the best treadmills can absorb shock really well to keep you protected, but an elliptical completely eradicates the chance of aggravating current problems and stops them from developing.

Should You Get An Elliptical Then?

Treadmills are still the number-one option for many people. If you’re a serious runner then a treadmill will prepare you for racing. Those wanting to burn a high number of calories should also consider a treadmill over an elliptical.

For people who are conscious about their joints and their bodies as they age, an elliptical provides a much safer and joint-friendly alternative to the treadmill. Moreover, there is another group who should also consider an elliptical over a treadmill. Ellipticals provide the option of using their handles to work the upper body as well, which is ideal for exercisers seeking a holistic workout. Choose an elliptical for a low-impact, safe and full-body workout!

So, What Will It Be?

Have you stuck with the decision to buy a treadmill or have you been converted to an elliptical enthusiast? Either way, we at 360 Fitness Superstore have a fine selection of both options. We have a range of models to cater for many needs, gyms, homes and budgets. Come and see them for yourself!