Best Ellipticals For Runners


Octane ZR8:

The Octane ZR8 is the ultimate training apparatus for serious runners who have longevity in mind. The Zero Runner is similar to an elliptical in the sense that it eliminates any impact from your cardio workout, but it is unique because it allows the runner to maintain their true stride rather than being forced into a fixed range of motion. The fact that this machine allows the user to execute the same form as if they were running on a track means that it is especially effective in carrying over to the runner’s sport. It has a futuristic glass display that will link up with an iPad, which provides useful features like workout tracking and stride tracing. The design of the machine allows users to enjoy the feeling of running without the impact and risk of injury from high volume track or trail running. Any serious runner whose body needs a break should take a serious look at the Octane ZR8

Best Features:

  • iPad Connectivity w/ Smartlink
  • Open Stride Up to 54”
  • 35 Built In Programs
  • Great For Sport Specific Training
  • Adapts to User’s Morphology

Matrix A50:

The Matrix A50 is a suspension elliptical that offers steep inclines which make for efficient fat blasting workouts. It uses advanced electromagnetic resistance instead of the magnetic brake more commonly found on its competitors, which basically means there are less moving parts which results in a longer lasting machine. Matrix offers state of the art touch screen consoles that provide entertainment options like Netflix, Virtual Training, Youtube, and Facebook, which make your workout much more enjoyable. Combine the ability to run on an incline with the virtual training courses, and you have created the most realistic trail running experience attainable from the comfort of your own home. Matrix also has one of the beefiest warranties in the industry, backing up the A50 with seven years of parts warranty and two years of labor. 

Best Features:

  • Multi-Grip Handlebars
  • Electromagnetic Resistance
  • 7 Year Parts Warranty
  • Pedals Don’t Protrude from the Frame
  • 24%-54% Adjustable Incline

Life Fitness E5:

The Life Fitness E5 possesses many of the same features as the E1, such as being maintenance-free and nearly silent when in use. However, this machine goes above and beyond by providing electronic adjustable stride, advanced programming options, and multi-grip handlebars. The adjustable stride ensures that the fit of the machine can be tailored to the user, creating an ergonomic fit. Having the ability to change the stride length also allows the runner to create a more realistic feel than using a fixed-stride machine. The additional programs like Leg Sculptor and Total Body Trainer allow you to target your problem areas and keep your workouts fresh. And the multi-grip handlebars allow you to target specific upper body muscle groups depending on where you grip. Running on the Life Fitness E5 is a great alternative to logging 20+ miles a week on a track or hard asphalt. Your body will thank you!

Best Features:

  • Adjustable Stride From 18”-24”
  • Multi-Grip Handlebars
  • Maintenance Free
  • Virtually Silent Operation
  • Suspension Technology