Getting In Shape in the Bay Area


You need good equipment to get into shape and cross train. Something that will not break the first few times that you use it. The best way to buy exercise equipment is to buy Cross Fitness gear in the San Francisco/SF Bay Area in order to have long lasting exercise equipment. Their quality is beyond compare, and they forge ahead of competitors to provide their customers with equipment for an elite fitness experience. The power based high intensity exercises of cross training burn a lot of calories in a short period of time and increases your aerobic fitness. Cross training adds diversity and intensity to your exercise fitness program with dynamic exercises like snatches and hefts. You do a certain number of repetitions of each exercise within a certain time limit and can advance to cross training competition.

Their Olympic weight bars are real North American steel and can support 1,000 pounds. The company uses cast iron with rubber for the kettlebells, and they have another style made of iron and steel combined with vinyl. They even offer a lighter weight version kettlebell filled with sand and water. Quality goes into their abdominal mats, climbing rope, medicine balls, rotational and resistance training equipment,gym rings,chin up bar and suspension sled. This equipment is designed to help strengthen your muscles and build endurance.

Most fitness jump ropes put all of the weight into the handles, but Cross Fitness Gear evenly distributes the weight along the rope. It is made of nonmarking rubber. These jump ropes will strengthen your hand and wrist muscles and increase shoulder strength and flexibility. Both your upper and lower arm strength will increase as you use this rope for exercise. It is also a great cardiovascular workout. This is also important for the joint stability and flexibility that you need for cross training.

Weight lifting is an excellent way to build up muscles. Their bumper plates are machine bored to give a precise fit to build your own set of weights. They come in standard steel or a black steel with a nice satin black enamel finish and are indestructible. The standard weight plates ensure that you fully work the major muscle groups and will shape your body into the correct and symmetrical proportions.

When you buy Cross Fitness gear near the Bay Area you get free shipping and same day delivery. They offer a 30 Day money back guarantee. If there is a problem with some of your recently purchased equipment, they will come out to fix it within 24 to 48 hours of your call. Plus they are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. This is the time to invest in your health to live a full long life.