How Much Time Do You Save With A Home Gym?


Home gyms are popping up around the country. Smart people are creating exceptional workout areas in their own premises due to an array of benefits. Making your very own home gym can be seen as an investment. Instead of paying sign-up fees and handing over your hard-earned cash for your membership each month, you can get quality equipment to keep for yourself. There is also a lot of time to be saved with a home gym. But, where do you save time and how much time do you actually save?

Commuting Time

The biggest time saver for many home exercises is in no longer commuting. If you are a bit of a gym addict and are working out more than four times each week, those round trips and your gas bill can add up. How much time you spend commuting depends on your proximity to your favorite gym. However, just a 20-minute journey to the gym at three visits per week results in 104-hours behind the wheel each year. Think of what you could do with those hours back?

Have Your Own Schedule

If you make use of your local gym’s classes then you abide by their timetable. This can throw your day off and cause you to lose more time. Instead of working out at a time that suits someone else, you can workout at home when you have your own equipment. Most classes use minimal equipment so this is one of the easiest ways to save a few hours each week.

Waiting Around

Once you complete the most important sit up of all – from the couch, it can be disappointing to find your gym is overcrowded. Waiting around for other members to finish their Instagram posts while hogging equipment can inconveniently extend your workouts. This could be by ten minutes or half an hour. Either way, the time adds up for peak-hour gym-goers

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