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Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of cardio fitness and exercise equipment both at home and in the gyms in Walnut Creek, California. Treadmills offer the aerobic benefits of walking, running, or hiking outdoors, but without having to worry about the inclement weather we can often encounter in Walnut Creek, or dangerous traffic, darkness or even crime. Often, treadmill training can provide even greater benefits than outdoor training, due to the consistent pace of the treadmill and the ability to alter the elevation and pace to suit your fitness needs in your Walnut Creek, California home.

When looking for a new treadmill in the Walnut Creek area be sure to check out 360 Fitness Superstore on Mt. Diablo Blvd.  If there is one thing we know and specialize in it is our complete line of top quality treadmills. Whether you’re looking for the best treadmill for walking, the best treadmill deska top of the line high-end treadmill, or the best value treadmill, you will find the right treadmill to suit your fitness requirements.

Purchasing an treadmill is the first step toward a commitment to a lifetime of good health, revitalized lifestyle, and exciting adventures. When you are looking for a top-rated treadmillremember that we carry several brands, with top-reviewed treadmills from manufacturers like Life FitnessLifeSpanLandice and True Fitness. When you purchase your new treadmill from 360 Fitness Superstore you can rest assured that you are getting the best treadmill for the price. If there is a specific piece of quality fitness equipment that you need but you can’t find it on our website, simply call or visit. We will help you find the top-rated treadmill that’s right for your family.

360 Fitness Superstore in Walnut Creek offers a complete line of treadmills to all residents of the Walnut Creek area. From the best Life Span Treadmill Desks to top-rated Life Fitness Treadmills, to ergonomic Woodway Treadmills, we are sure you will find what you need at 360 Fitness Superstore.

Why 360 Fitness Superstore? We’re Local, & We have EVERYTHING you need to get – and stay – fit!

 We also have treadmill ratings and reviews on all the best treadmills at our treadmill review site ( 360 Fitness Treadmill Reviews).

Living in Walnut Creek, health and wellness are more than likely important to you, whether you have been in a position to give the time it requires recently. The most effective approach to obtaining personal health exercising would be to obtain a totally new high quality treadmill from 360 Fitness Superstore. 360 Fitness, quality treadmill store, supplying you with plenty of top notch, exceptional fitness treadmill machines in Walnut Creek.

We offer treadmills to Walnut Creek fitness enthusiasts from such brands and models as:

Fitness treadmill machines for Gym Owners in Walnut Creek

These are the many treadmill machines you’ll be able to choose from our store or online. We offer a great number of these kinds of fitness treadmill machines for every type of consumer in Walnut Creek, whether it’s the commercial gym owner or possibly the work from home mother. For that fitness center owner in Walnut Creek we offer commercial grade, top quality fitness treadmills which will last your company a very long time, even through the most difficult workout programs from gym guests in Walnut Creek.

Fitness treadmills for Work or Home in Walnut Creek

For people choosing to workout at the office we will help you too. If you wish to acquire exercise at work in Walnut Creek, the Treadmill Desk from Lifespan might be your better choice. For individuals who’ve little space and wish a far more compact, top quality folding treadmill, the TR4000i is usually considered to be the best ranked folding treadmill. It enables you to create a temporary workout space. Then you’ll be capable of stowing the treadmill for later, opening the spot for other uses. Therefore the Lifespan desk treadmill or Lifespan TR4000 folding treadmill stands out as the most useful buys for pretty much any Walnut Creek home.

Easy Delivery and Set Up of a new Treadmill at your Walnut Creek Home or Gym

One of the best advantages of buying a treadmill from 360 Fitness treadmill store is we’ll deliver and install your brand-new treadmill wherever you’ll need at your Walnut Creek home and our friendly staff will make sure that you’re totally happy with the performance from the new treadmill before departing. If you are a gym owner we offer the identical service and our staff will work with yours to be sure of optimal performance from the new treadmill for your gym clients in Walnut Creek.

Call 360 Fitness Today or Find Us Online to locate the best quality fitness treadmills in Walnut Creek!

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Give us a call today and you will be welcomed by our friendly staff who will help you find the most effective treadmill: folding, desk, commercial grade or other, that best fits your fitness needs along with your budget. We ensure the value on our fitness treadmill machines for Walnut Creek and that’s a promise.


360 Fitness Superstore is in Walnut Creek, CA,with the best selection of top-rated, best reviewed, “Best Buy” treadmills!


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Top  Treadmills For Home Use In 2023

If you want to get in shape and are tired of the hassle of going/competing for the turn to use your favorite treadmill at the gym, you need to consider buying a treadmill for your home in Napa. Treadmills are the most popular type of in home exercise equipment on the market. Don’t worry about making it the gym, let the treadmill come to you! You must consider these four important factors when buying the perfect treadmill for the space in Napa CA:

  • 1.Who will be using the treadmill?
  • 2.How reliable is the treadmill? Will it break down after 1 week of use?
  • 3.How will this treadmill be used?
  • 4.What treadmill features are you looking for?

LifeSpan TR4000i

The LifeSpan TR4000i is perfect for people who intend on walking and using the TR4000i for light running. It is also space efficient because it can fold and be
wheeled away into a closet with ease. This EZfold technology especially helps those who are worried about bearing the weight of the treadmill, the EZfold does the lifting for you. The TR4000i also has a good amount of features including USB and online health and fitness tracking program.

You’ll like this treadmill if…

The LifeSpan TR4000i is perfect for light use such as walking and a slow jog. We like the EZfold technology that use a hydraulic shock to assist in folding and unfolding the treadmill. The TR4000i has a simple, easy to use console interface with a decent amount of pre-programmed workouts. Includes all the standard bells and whistles that all treadmills in this price range have, making it our cheapest yet best bang for your buck treadmill.

You may not like this treadmill if…

The LifeSpan TR4000i is made out of cheap, thin materials that have a tendency to crack if the treadmill is used in-correctly. However, if used properly this treadmill may last a very long time. The TR4000i does have an ample amount of programs and features but leaves us wanting more as we want more variety in how users can use this treadmill, ie. Running, sprints, etc….


Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill

The Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill is the FITPROF Best Buy Winner for 2023. It comes with a lifetime warranty on frame and motor. The T-45 gives you quality and construction to get the job done. It has a simple design, sleek look and is perfect for family use. The T-45 uses a whisper orthopedic belt that we love and makes little to no background noise. The T-45 has a max user weight of 400 lbs which is 50 lbs stronger than other treadmills in its class. Of course it has all your standard console features to pair nicely with the solid frame and materials.

You’ll Like This Treadmill If…

We love the T-45’s unmatched warranty in its class. This treadmill won’t break down on you whether you are sprinting, running hard and completing strong climbs. Its silent belt make it special compared to other treadmills that have similar construction/price but have noisy belts. That’s why we recommend this treadmill for families due to its reliability, cost and variety of options that this treadmill has.

You May Not Like This Treadmill If…

We don’t like the cost of this treadmill, it is slightly overpriced compared to other treadmills in its class. There is no console upgrades for the T-45 and does not fold in order to save floor space. Similar treadmills in this class have console upgrades if you want a particular screen size, or specialized console features.


Life Fitness T3 Treadmill

The Life Fitness T3 Treadmill is your classic get it done treadmill. We call it the Honda of treadmill brands. It is flawless and has been in the treadmill industry for many years. You can upgrade your console to a track+ to add iphone connectivity, which we like a lot. It has a nice high quality feel for a below than average price making this treadmill one of the most popular treadmills among all consumers.

You’ll Like This Treadmill If…

The Life Fitness T3 is good value for the money and is way underpriced compared to similar treadmills in its class. We like that you can upgrade the console if you want more features. It’s simplicity and well-known brand you can count on. Most commercial fitness equipment in your local gym has life fitness equipment so you can count on them to make a durable treadmill to work in your home as well.

You May Not Like This Treadmill If…

The Life Fitness T3 Treadmill does not fold and has a max user weight of 350 lbs.



Woodway 4Front Treadmill

The Woodway 4Front Treadmill is the king of all treadmills and is fit for a king. NBA superstar Lebron James and the rest of the Champion Cleveland Cavaliers use this treadmill to train during the off season. Feel free to checkout a few professional athletes gyms and we bet you they have a Woodway 4Front. It is custom built by US craftsman of the best highest skill. If you want a treadmill that is unmatched in the entire treadmill market and have deep pockets, the Woodway 4Front Treadmill is what treadmill enthusiast dream of owning.

You’ll Like This Treadmill If…

It is the best hands down, flawless in almost every aspect. We love the belt-less construction, tank like frame and sleek/dynamic look. It has a max user weight of 800 POUNDS!

You May Not Like This Treadmill If…

Limited availability, these machines are only carried by a few vendors.



Landice L7 Series Treadmill

The Landice L7 Treadmill is the perfect balance between durability, price, functionality and console options. There are 4 different console options to suit every need you may ask for. The Landice L7 has the strongest frame and all around construction. These L7 Treadmills last a long time and hold their value over the years. It has a great a balance between power and quality. This treadmill is very popular among rehabilitation centers, personal training studios, and small local gyms. The L7 treadmill consumers who run long distances due to the perfect construction of the lower board to provide the best reaction as the user runs on the belt.

You May Like This Treadmill If…

The Landice L7 has the best belt driven treadmill on the market for running. The L7 is the industry leader in treadmill shock absorption. THE VFX Shock Absorption System is based on medical research to provide comfort, reliability and reduces the risk of injury.

You May Not Like This Treadmill If…

We think the cost can get a little overpriced if you upgrade your Landice L7 Base treadmill console to the Executive trainer console can add quite a bit to the combined price out the door.