What Are The Different Types Of Ellipticals?


If you’re looking for a great way to burn fat without putting your joints under pressure or exposing them to continuous impacts, then you should consider an elliptical. These pieces of gym equipment are popular because they are suitable for people of all ages and continue to give amazing results.

What Exactly Are Ellipticals?

An elliptical is an umbrella term for a strand of exercise equipment that gives a cardiovascular workout. Their settings can be personalized and adapted to your training needs via resistance variation, pre-set routines and incline options. They are fantastic at helping you monitor your SMART goals by tracking your performance on an interactive display. Some ellipticals focus on the legs while others give you a full-body workout. They come in different designs where the pedals may follow different movement pathways.

The Matrix A50 Elliptical

One of the most sought-after ellipticals is the Matric A50 Elliptical. This model offers users the chance to do full-body workouts or keep their arms stationary to focus on their legs. It has a user-friendly display and lots of training options. It’s made with wheel-free suspension too, which gives it one of the smoothest operating motions on the market.

Horizontal Ellipticals

A different type of elliptical is a horizontal elliptical. As you might expect by their name, their motion during use is slightly more vertical than the Matrix A50 and are another great way to work up a sweat. We have many quality horizontal elliptical models for sale that will be a phenomenal addition to any domestic or commercial gym.

Domestic And Commercial Ellipticals

We stock a wide range of ellipticals to suit the needs of everyone from home-gym builders or fitness empire owners. What we have just discussed is a small part of our stock. Check out our full range of ellipticals and look at their outstanding performance-enhancing features, today!