What Are The Signs Of A Low Quality Elliptical?


When you buy a piece of exercise equipment you want it to be worth the money and last a considerable time. This is no different when looking for an elliptical. You don’t need to buy the most expensive elliptical to get quality, there are a number of ellipticals that offer quality at fantastic value for money. To decipher the poorly-made ellipticals that aren’t going to last the year, there are a few things to look for.

What To Look Out For?

Here are our top five things to look out for when you’re giving an elliptical the once over. Check out the specifications for these things and remember, there are many reasons why you should see the model in person rather than.

  • Limited workout options – if your potentially new elliptical doesn’t offer a range of workout features to monitor and track your performance it’s likely not going to be worth the money. These are standard features you come to expect of quality ellipticals.
  • Plastics – if the elliptical is predominantly made from plastic then don’t hand over your own plastic. These are likely to be overpriced and not last as long as ellipticals made from steel, aluminum and other more durable materials put together in a more reliable way.
  • Lightweight machines – similarly, if you find an elliptical that is unbelievably light you should start to question its durability.
  • Lack of basic features – low-quality ellipticals may be missing simple conveniences such as water bottle holders, pedal adjustments and the option to plug in your iPod.
  • Not suitable for those with joint problems – the better ellipticals are more welcoming for those with bad ankles and knees. They use innovative technology to ensure join pain isn’t worsened by their use. If the elliptical you’re considering doesn’t accommodate joint-pain sufferers then think twice!

Avoid Low-Quality Ellipticals With Us!

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