What Is The Difference Between A Home Gym And A Functional Trainer?


A home gym and a functional trainer are great pieces of exercise equipment to get in shape. They’re both capable of providing you with the resources to complete a full-body workout. They differ in their level of assistance when completing exercises. 

When using a home gym, you will perform movements on a pre-determined pathway set by the equipment. This enables you to perform the correct technique safely – and is great for newbies! Alternatively, functional trainers allow you to perform exercise with a freedom of movement. Naturally, this means you have to conduct the exercises with the correct technique by yourself. When forced to “find” the correct pathway, you also engage stabilizing muscles that aren’t activated when using a home gym.

Both are phenomenal choices to incorporate into your strength-training regime. Deciding which one is right for you will be determined by your preferences and your current strength-training ability. To give you a clearer understanding, we’ve got some examples.

Hoist V4 Elite

The Hoist V4 Elite Home Gym offers a range of exercises such as leg press, chest press, lateral pulldown and leg extensions. All of these movements are restricted by the equipment to follow the correct pathway so you complete these exercises correctly without the risk of injuries. This is perfect for those that are just beginning strength training and need to learn the correct techniques safely.

Bodycraft HFT

Compare this to the Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer. This piece of equipment offers a similar amount of exercise for a wide-range of muscle groups. Yet, any exercise performed with this equipment does not follow a pre-determined pathway. Here, you’ll complete movements without any help from the equipment; this activates smaller muscles simultaneously and is more difficult to accomplish. These are great for people who already understand correct techniques.

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