What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat?


One of the biggest reasons many of us start exercising is to lose some inches around our waist. Whether this is just because you want to feel better about yourself, look amazing on your wedding day or are a professional weight lifter preparing for your cutting stage, you’ll need to know the best ways to lose belly fat. There are some unbeatable ab workout machines and ab accessories to help you fit into those smaller pants and we’re here to tell you about them.

Adjustable Abdominal Bench

An adjustable abdominal bench is the staple of our ab workout routines. For new gym-goers, these are benches that you lie on to do abdominal crunches. These are better than simply using a mat because they hold your legs so only your core is engaged. They also offer a way to progress your abdominal workout and achieve better results. You can adjust the angle of the bench to increase intensity or grab a weighted plate to add resistance.

Core Roller

Another fantastic way to lose belly fat is by using a core roller. These pieces of ab equipment are a single wheel with ergonomic handles on either side. You can use the wheel to stretch out your core by doing roll-out repetitions, rolling planks and other fat-fighting exercises.

Ab Machine

Another tried-and-tested method to help remove your love handles is by using an ab machine. These are plate-loaded machines which you sit in and extend your hips forwards to resist the weight. You then return to your starting position with the same tempo, which will engage your back muscles giving you an all-round core workout.

Our Full Abdominal Range

This is just a taster of the ab accessories and ab machines that can help you fight way your belly fat. We also stock plentiful other machinery and accessories that have been proven to significantly reduce belly fat. Browse through our full range of abdominal-enhancing machines to kit out your home gym or to equip your commercial premises.