What Is The Best Treadmill For Bad Knees?


Sometimes our intentions to exercise are there, but ongoing niggles and medical issues prevent us from turning that motivation into sweat, increased strength and weight loss. This is especially the case for people with knee problems. People with bad knees can be put off using a treadmill because using a treadmill causes minor impacts to your joints. These recurring impacts can be painful for those with ongoing knee issues and may even make your knees worse. So, is there an alternative?

Landice Treadmills

There is an alternative – Landice treadmills are the answer. These are a specific type of treadmill that are used in physical rehabilitation centers and specifically designed for people with troublesome knees. They have been part of the furniture in specialized rehabilitation centers for a long time due to their track record at reducing impact on our joints. Landice treadmills have a lot of impressive features and researchers at Harvard University even found them to improve performance – but what about running comfort for bad-knee sufferers?

Running on a Landice treadmill is like running on a surface five-times softer than grass. You don’t get as heavy impacts upon each contact of the treadmill belt. Yet, what really makes these treadmills safer for those with knee problems is that they use VRX shock-absorption technology. This innovative design only allows the belt of the treadmill to move vertically as you jog on it. Other treadmills allow a degree of sideways movement which can cause a sliding movement at the joints and incite ongoing injuries and pains.

Where To Get One?

We stock L7 Series Landice Treadmills and L8 Series Landice Treadmills perfect for home gyms and commercial venues. Not only do they reduce impact, they also include an array of performance controls and are as quiet as a mouse. Take a look at their features, overcome your limitations and enjoy running again, today!