What Is The Difference Between A Spin Bike, Upright Bike & A Recumbent Bike?


A Spin Bike, Indoor Upright Bike and a Recumbent Bike are all fantastic options for anyone wanting to get fit. They are especially beneficial to those with joint pain because they allow you to get in shape without enduring heavy impacts on your knees and ankles. When in the market for an indoor bike, you need to know the options available to make the best choice for you.

Spin Bikes

A Spin Bike is the exercise bike which looks the most like a real bike. These bikes incorporate a weighted flywheel and a natural bike shape to let you imitate the natural posture and positioning when cycling on the road. For that reason, these types of bikes are most beneficial to fitness fanatics and keen cyclers. If cycling is your sport then choose a Spin Bike to practice exactly how you intend to perform.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent Bikes differ from Spin Bikes in a notable way. Just by looking at the design of a Recumbent Bike you can see the differences immediately. These bikes are lower to the floor, with the pedals pushed further forward and they come with an oversized seat. Instead of exercisers imitating the posture of real-world cycling, their posture is supported. These bikes do not give much of a full-body workout. Instead, they predominantly target the lower body. This makes them ideal for people who require spinal support while exercising.

Indoor Upright Bikes

The third option is to get an Upright Bike. These models are closer to a Spin Bike than a Recumbent Bike. They somewhat imitate a natural bike shape and give a full-body workout unlike the Recumbent Bike and are much more compact. These bikes are a great choice for people wanting to get a complete workout without needing too much room.

These pieces of equipment are suitable for domestic and commercial gyms. See our full range of exercise bikes to find the best option for you or your workout zone.