What Spin Bike Should I Buy?


Spin bikes are a popular choice among cyclists who want to keep training whatever the weather and for fitness fanatics who like to burn a lot of calories during their workouts. But, with a lot of options out there – what spin bike should you buy and what things do you need to consider before buying?

Buy The Right Size

It’s important to buy a spin bike that fits your exact build. Many of these bikes adjust between a range that most of the population will fit somewhere between. However, it’s always better to go and visit a store to check if the spin bike is a good fit for you. If you buy online, you can fall victim to buying an ill-fitting spin bike that you won’t enjoy using or could cause you prolonged discomfort.

Buy The Right… Size

Aside from the adjustability of the spin bike to tailor to you, you need a spin bike that works for your home. Thankfully, most spin bikes are a seamless fit into home gyms because they’re streamlined and don’t take up much room. Nevertheless, some models are bigger than others and some can be stored more compactly. Keep this in mind as you window shop.

Buy A Recognized Brand

Recognized spin-bike brands are well-known because they have earned their reputation. They have proved that they provide quality spin bikes that afford outstanding features and phenomenal longevity. This is why buying from a trusted supplier of an industry-recognized brand such as Vision, Horizon, Life Fitness and Schwinn is a smart choice. Their models are less likely to need repairing or falter over time.

The Best Spin Bike Suppliers

Now you know the key considerations when shopping for a quality spin bike, where can you get one? Thankfully for you, the 360 Fitness Superstore is on hand to provide a wide range of quality options from a host of celebrated brands. We have spin bikes for all budgets so come and visit our stock to find one for you!