What Types Of Exercises Can I Do With A Folding, Incline, Decline Workout Bench?


Some of the most valuable real estate in any commercial gym is the FID bench. The “FID” in FID bench stands for folding, incline and decline. These are benches that can be adjusted to execute different types of exercises and variations of the same exercise. In fact, this one piece of equipment can be used to target every area of your body. Let’s take a look at just some key exercises that are afforded by a quality FID bench.

Chest Press

One of the most common uses with a FID bench is to build up your pectorals minor and pectorals major. This requires lying on the bench with free weights and pressing them in an upward motion. Altering the incline or decline of the bench enables you to target different areas of the pectorals.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Your lower body is not neglected with a FID bench. Leg muscles can be targeted by supporting the resting leg during Bulgarian split squats. These are a type of one-legged squat often completed while holding free weights.

Shoulder Press

By adjusting the FID bench to an upright position, it becomes the perfect piece of equipment to build shoulder strength and muscle. Users can perform vertical shoulder presses using free weights in this position.

One-Arm Rows

One-arm rows are great for strengthening your back. Instead of adjusting the longer section of the bench, this exercise requires you to adjust the seat to give a slight incline for stability. Then, the exerciser will place one knee and one hand on the bench with a straight spine and facing forwards. Using the other hand, they pull a free weight up to their side and repeat.

Incline Bicep Curl

For the Saturday night t-shirt muscles, a FID bench can be adjusted to approximately 45 degrees and provide a platform for a bicep curl. Standing behind the bench, the exerciser rests their arm against the bench and performs a single-arm set of curls with a weight before switching arms. The use of a bench ensures the optimal range of mobility.


It isn’t always about free weights with a FID bench. You can work many muscles without any other equipment, including your core. While lying on the bench with your hands tucked behind the headrest, slowly lift your legs together to a vertical point then return them to their original position.

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